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Coffee Beans
Mad City Coffee roasts all of our coffee in-house, to ensure the freshness and quality of every bean. We also flavor our coffee right in our own store. The results are delicious! Our extensive selection of coffee is priced by the pound so you can take your favorite brew home with you.
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Burundi Kayanza Bourbon
Burundi Kayanza Bourbon - $13.95
This coffee hails from "The Heart of Africa." A truly enjoyable experience from first sip to last drop. Citrus, pepper, spice with fruity acidity and a clean finish.
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In Stock: 19

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - $13.95
The arabica coffee tree originated in Ethiopia, and the word "coffee" derives from the Ethiopian city of Kaffa. Ethiopia is one of Africa's major coffee producers; this coffee has a rich, winy taste, and is well-balanced. A must-try for all coffee connoisseurs.
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In Stock: 16

Kenya AA
Kenya AA - $14.95
Well known for it's strong flavor and pleasant aroma, this coffee is sharp and pleasing to the palate.

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In Stock: 23

Rwanda - $13.95

Medium coffee with tart notes of lime and raspberry, with a clean finish.

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In Stock: 22

Tanzanian Northern Peaberry
Tanzanian Northern Peaberry - $13.95

A small, round bean that produces a robust yet delicate and intense flavor. Finishes with a bright, sharp character.

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In Stock: 14

Yemen Mocha
Yemen Mocha - $25.95
These beans are smaller and more round than most, and have a light body and high acidity. Yemen Mocha is unusual in that it is naturally low in caffeine, and its bold aroma and unique taste are rare.
~Limited Stock~
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In Stock: 24

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