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Coffee Beans
Mad City Coffee roasts all of our coffee in-house, to ensure the freshness and quality of every bean. We also flavor our coffee right in our own store. The results are delicious! Our extensive selection of coffee is priced by the pound so you can take your favorite brew home with you.

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Bali Blue Moon
Bali Blue Moon - $13.95
From the volcanic soils of an Indonesian mountain range, this coffee sports a low acidity and a smooth body.
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In Stock: 19

Jamaican Blue Mountain
Jamaican Blue Mountain - $68.95
This coffee is renowned for its unique taste, and is quite rare. It is well-balanced and has prominent fruit flavors. One to slowly savor and enjoy.
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In Stock: 25

Hawaiian Kona Fancy
Hawaiian Kona Fancy - $48.95
A lustrous bean of perfect proportions, coveted for its ideal climate, Hawaiian Kona Fancy has a rich flavor, fine aroma, and is unusually full-bodied.

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In Stock: 24

Puerto Rico 360 Reserva
Puerto Rico 360 Reserva - $24.95
One of the most environmental- and employee-focused coffee producers in the world. This variety has a velvety body and sports a delicious mix of chocolate and buttery notes. Hold the sugar on this naturally sweet bean.
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