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Food Specials
Every month Mad City Coffee offers a delicious assortment of food specials.

Free Chips with Powerhouse!
You will not be disappointed with our beefy powerhouse. Well, not beefy as in meaty! This gigantic sandwich has the works on it sans meat. Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sprouts, Cucumbers, Hummus, etc, etc. Order one today and get a free bag'o'chips!

Coffee Specials
Coffee Specials
Our Baarbara Estate coffee is grown at high elevation, and has great balance and complexity. This moderately bright coffee has chocolate and caramel notes, with mandarin and spicy undertones. Grown along the foothills of Bababudan Giri in Chikmagalur, India. 

About Us
Enjoy Mad City's relaxed atmosphere with some local musical talents. 

Saturday, July 14 
Rachel Elisabeth
Indie acoustic

Saturday, July 21 
Music Matters Showcase
Denee Barr with Timeless Fusion, Midway Faire, Think Again, Joseph Isaacs

Saturday, July 28 
Lost & Found
Soft rock

Saturday, August 4 
The Kensingtons
Rockabilly, blues, classic rock, folk

Saturday, August 11 
Sydney (Cari) Ash
Peaceful acoustic alternative

Saturday, August 18 
Music Matters Showcase
Dominic LaRocca, Bucky Duster, Two Ordinary Guys

Saturday, August 25 
Music Matters Showcase
Georgie Jessup, GuitarLaur, DL Weiner

For booking information,
please contact Rick LaRocca.

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